The Internet has become an interesting platform for musicians to gain fame for their work. It has also brought about the Internet celebrity and their Internet fame and shown us how the music game has changed from what it used to be to what it is now.

You too can now gain fame without others having to promise it to you first. There is no longer a need for you to go to recording companies to make them listen to your work. Instead, you can have the recording companies come to you just by putting your work out there. Case-in-point: Justin Bieber (yes, him) and many others.

The truth is that right now, the digital sphere is the best way to get your name out there. Not only because it reaches a wider audience, but also because digital music now makes more money than physical media. So, if music is the one way you want to make a living, this is definitely an approach you can use to market yourself and your skills to get your name out into the world.

This does not mean that Internet fame for a musician is easy. They are plenty of people who caught on to the Internet fame hype way before you did. However, if you could break through from the background noise of other aspiring artists, your dream of fame could become a reality.

Internet fame, in this case, is all about getting recognition from the right people. The right people being those who will help turn your dreams of being an international artist/musician into a reality. In doing this, I thought I could share three websites that could help you grow and spread your fame:


Filming yourself doing what you love can be one of the best things you could do if you are trying to get your talent out there. If people can enjoy themselves simply by looking at you enjoying yourself, it can increase the chance of people liking your work, sharing it and subscribing to your channel. YouTube Fame, as it has become popularly known, is all about being recognised through your uploaded videos becoming viral. Chloe and Halle who have recently been signed to Beyonce’s management company are the perfect example of YouTube fame which exploded after their cover of Beyonce’s “Pretty Hurts”.


2. SoundCloud

SoundCloud has been the go-to site for aspiring artists to become famous. Many artists take to SoundCloud to share their work and develop a meaningful fan base. The now famous Lorde gained her fame by releasing her hit song “Royals” for free on SoundCloud before before being signed to a label and reaching the top of charts, chin-chilling for 9 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100.


Above: Lorde (Source: Facebook)

3. Facebook

As weird as this may sound, Facebook is actually up there with getting you Internet fame because of its capacity to share videos and audio files. Think about it, when you enjoy something a lot and you want other people to understand why you enjoy it, we often take to social media to share things, by copying links and posting them. But you don’t have to stop there. You could also start up a Facebook page where you could post your work, ask people to like the page so they can view your talent. If you are great enough, people will like/share your stuff onto their networks and your stuff could go viral while you are cooking dinner.

Plenty of musicians have Facebook pages and if you want to play on the same field as the big  artists, you need to use your social media accounts to your advantage. They upload their work on YouTube and SoundCloud and share their work on their own personal accounts and/or pages/groups

Gaining recognition for your music is not easy, but it is also not hard as it was before the Internet graced us with its addictive presence. There is so much we can use the Internet for to get our names out there and if you are not making use of it then you simply do not deserve:

Above: A meme of Aretha Franklin singing “RESPECT” (Source: Meme Generatot)





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