It is very easy to make the mistake of believing that music is a single entity. This makes it difficult for us to see the many developments it goes through because of our inability to see the relationship it has with other entities.

However, with the many developments that music has went through throughout the centuries, one development we need to look into is how music has changed the Internet and how the Internet has changed music.

Binary Beats is a platform that plans to reveal the relationship between the Internet, computer devices and music and how this has changed the way we see both in relation to each other.


Above: A gif of videos of musicians beinh played on laptops in an orchestra formation (Source: Giphy)


The Internet is now being used by people in order to create and disseminate their work and they are, at the same time, making use of the technologies offered by the Internet in order to make this happen. Basically, not only has the Internet contributed to sharing music, but it has become a major tool in creating music as well, even creating a music genre known as Glitch, and combining other music genres as well.

Music is often seen as a way of expressing and representing ourselves. With our lives so embedded in the Internet, this has made it possible to widen the platforms on which we express ourselves and where we can access spaces that represent us. Often these spaces could only be found in our immediate spaces, however, the Internet has widened the spaces we can now enter, along with the access that we have to them.

We no longer need hardware devices to listen to music or be exposed to music. Music is no longer reserved to CDs and radios, but we can now access websites such as SoundCloud, which are specifically created to store countless songs, from anyway on the world without having to connect to anything, but the Internet. Even radio stations have moved into providing online streams of their shows, rendering radios obsolete.

The Internet has shaped how we create music, how we view it and how we access it. Whether this is a development or a complete alteration of music as we know it, is yet to determined. However, before we get to making a decision, Binary Beats will be providing you with enough information to make an informed decision.

Who knows, maybe like the binary code, how we know music today could be a dichotomy of its own.




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